Saturday, November 23, 2019

For visualization tasks with CODESYS V2 and V3: WAGO’s attractive e!DISPLAY 7300T HMI Panels help you reinforce the quality of your machinery and equipment with a refined design. HMI panels are the perfect finishing touch for machines or systems, and the look and feel of these panels positively impacts purchase decisions. WAGO offers aesthetically pleasing HMIs that leave a lasting impression shile significantly increasing the value and improving the image of your machine or system: The e!DISPLAY 7300T Web Panel is available in 4.3″, 5.7″, 7.0″ and 10.1″ display sizes.
Your benefits with e!DISPLAY Web Panels:
  • High-performance HMI display with a resistive touch screen for Web-based visualization
  • Available in four screen sizes (4.3″, 5.7″, 7.0″ and 10.1″)
  • Modern visualization via CODESYS V2 and e!COCKPIT (based on CODESYS V3)
  • Support new technologies such as HTML5
  • High-performance solutions when combined with PFC200 and PFC100 Controllers

What Makes e!DISPLAY Web Panels Successful?

Web Panels that Merge Aesthetics with High Performance

WAGO's e!DISPLAY Web Panel merges a sleek design with some of the industry’s most powerful software: With e!DISPLAY, you can shape the high-tech image of your machine or system by displaying high-quality visualizations from both e!COCKPIT (CODESYS V3) and CODESYS V2 engineering software. The Web-Based Management feature of WAGO’s controllers may also be operated using the stylish Web Panels. New technology, such as HTML5, is also available for programming via e!COCKPIT. Java runtime for CODESYS V2 WebVisu is also included.

Easy To Use – Set Brightness Directly on the Display

The e!DISPLAY HMI Panel has a resistive touch screen, flanked by three status LEDs that indicate operating status and provide operational feedback. An easy-to-customize configuration interface is available for configuring and commissioning WAGO's Web Panels. Important settings are quickly and intuitively performed via Web-Based Management, such as connecting to one or more WAGO Controllers. Furthermore, sensors can automatically adjust the brightness of e!DISPLAY based on a room’s ambient lighting conditions. For quick and easy custom settings, the display brightness can also be manually adjusted via front-mount button.

Energy-Saving Sensors on the Web Panel Ensure Safety

e!DISPLAY has an integrated proximity sensor. This sensor allows the visualization to be automatically re-displayed from the energy-saving standby function and screensaver. A motion sensor simultaneously detects ambient lighting levels for brightness control.

Quick Installation via Unique Mounting Design

The e!DISPLAY HMI Panel directly latches onto the control cabinet via mounting clips for quick and easy tool-free installation. IP65 levels of protection can be achieved for the front of the display via special clamping elements. This design flexibility makes the display extremely versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, the VESA mount allows installation on a swivel arm or stand outside of the control cabinet.

Seamless Integration into the WAGO Product Range

The more harmonious component integration is, the better performance and reliability will be. WAGO's e!DISPLAY provides visualizations via the e!COCKPIT Engineering Software (based on CODESYS V3) and CODESYS V2. High-performance solutions are yours when e!DISPLAY is backed by WAGO’s industry-leading PFC200 and PFC100 Controllers – all from a single source.

A fast CPU, flanked by a large amount of data processing, a runtime system with e!COCKPIT, Linux® and multiple interfaces, as well as cybersecurity via SSL/TLS encryption, VPN and a firewall: This is what the PFC100 Controller offers!

Diverse outputs in a compact housing! With the PFC100 Controller, WAGO offers an excellently equipped controller at a compelling cost-benefit ratio: This PLC combines the best from both the Linux® and CODESYS worlds into one device. This compact controller (PLC) offers a flexible solution not only for industrial process applications, but also for mechanical engineering applications.

Your benefits with WAGO PFC100 Controller includes:
  • Cost-effective configuration via e!COCKPIT Engineering Software
  • Cybersecurity via SSL/TLS encryption, VPN and a firewall
  • Integrated Webserver
  • microSD card
  • Web visualization in HTML5
  • Linux® real-time operating system

What Makes the PFC100 Controller Successful?

Advanced, Economical and Efficient Configuration

The PFC100 Controller can be seamlessly integrated into WAGO's e!COCKPIT Engineering Software, which can be used for hardware configurations, programming, simulations and visualization of complex control tasks. Tightly integrated automation software and controller hardware provide the ideal platform for advanced and intuitive CODESYS V3-based engineering. The controller supports protocols such as Modbus TCP Client/Server or open-source TCP/UDP communication. The serial interface also supports Modbus RTU as a client and server.

Comprehensively Equipped

The features of the programmable logic controller are impressive: On the inside, PFC100 sports a 600 MHz Cortex A8 processor offering high processing performance for this controller class. Depending on the model, the controller boasts two ETHERNET interfaces, an RS-232/RS-485 interface or a DIP switch. The ETHERNET ports can also be used as ETHERNET switches to create a line topology. An additional advantage is that they can be configured individually (DUAL LAN), so that if necessary, two separate networks can be established using the controller. Larger image files can be stored on an SD card for Web visualization.

Compact Design Saves Costs

Both the PFC100 and WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM feature a compact design for an incredibly space-saving DIN-rail-mount installation. This minimizes control cabinet dimensions, saves costs by conserving installation space and enables complex systems to be built in a smaller footprint. The controller has its own Webserver for visualizations in HTML5. VPN links can be established directly from the controller. This reduces the need for additional investment costs.

Investment Protection for Future Requirements

Last but not least, WAGO's user-friendly controller is a smart solution that offers a high degree of investment security for long-term automation. Simple wiring and easily exchangeable I/O components are additional benefits that ensure short installation times while preventing unnecessary errors. The scalable I/O system enables the automation of individual machines all the way up to entire systems. A large selection of 500+ different I/O modules offers maximum flexibility and functional variety for easily adaptating to new or changing applications.

Cybersecurity via SSL/TLS Encryption

Protect your data from hackers and any other unauthorized access! Networking industrial systems via the Internet has made control systems more vulnerable to cyber attacks. The PFC100 offers comprehensive security packages including SSL/TLS, SSH, VPN and a firewall. This high level of protection allows the controller to mitigate the effects of an attack on machines and systems.

Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux is available for users who are ready to take complete control and prefer directly using a lean and secure operating system. This real-time Linux® software provides a wide range of advantages, including the flexibility of using open-source code that adapts the source code to a user's specific needs at any time. Another huge advantage: Extend the functionality of your control application on the PFC200 by integrating open source packages or with external CODESYS libraries in the base image.


All WAGO Controllers are compatible with the high-performing CODESYS industry standard. This enables software development in the IEC 61131-3 PLC programming languages (ST, FBD, LD, IL, SFC and CFC). As a trusted programming environment, CODESYS guides developers, enabling them to reuse and further develop existing programs without relearning software. This means that modern paradigms, such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), or modern visualization technologies are available.