Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pluggable Relay Module for Safety Controllers

With the new MSI-EM-4RO relay extension module for the MSI 200 safety controller, users can control multiple devices via potential-free output contacts.

Most modern safety sensors and active opto-electronic protective devices (AOPDs) are equipped with semiconductor outputs today. With such electronic safety-related switching outputs (OSSDs), high voltages in excess of 24 volts cannot be connected, however, and they are not suitable for controlling devices with high power consumption, e.g., contactors, locking devices, pumps and motors. In such cases, the new MSI-EM-4RO extension module with its four, one-channel or two, two-channel relay outputs helps out.

At a maximum switching voltage of 250 V AC/DC, it delivers high switching power in a rugged and compact design with housing width of 22 mm. Four, freely configurable message outputs indicate operating states of the total system. The extension modules are simply connected to the base module (MSI 200 safety controller) on the DIN rail by means of mounting rail connectors. The system satisfies the requirements for Performance Level PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 and SILCL 3 in accordance with EN IEC 62061.

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