Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Light-Band Detects Object Presence

RK46C-VarOS variable object sensor scores with two adjustable sensitivity levels levels and automatic sensitivity readjustment.

The RK46C-VarOS object sensor is a retro-reflective photoelectric sensor which, unlike normal sensors that detect selectively, detects objects over a 50 mm band area. In packaging systems and intralogistics, the object sensor detects objects in the light-band with various sizes and shapes as well as surfaces with openings. In the past, multiple sensors and considerable work was necessary for this purpose.

Adjustable sensitivity levels and automatic sensitivity readjustment (ALC) support high system availability in the event of soiling and changing environmental conditions – even stretch-wrapped or shrink-wrapped objects are reliably detected. The special lens enables reliable detection over the entire light-band width in two adjustable sensitivity levels (8 and 12 mm). Common parts from standard sensor technology and compatibility with established mounting systems considerably simplify mounting of the variable object sensor and bring a noticeable price advantage.

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