Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lenze Class IE2 Three-Phase AC Motors Reduce Energy Consumption in Drive Systems

Lenze Americas, a leading global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, has introduced to the market the MH Series of high efficiency motors rated at 80 to 92 percent efficiency. The new Lenze IE2 L-force three-phase asynchronous (AC) motors meet or exceed global regulations aimed at reducing energy consumption, while improving overall drive system performance.

“Energy consumption in drive systems is a major cost factor, especially in material handling applications with long running times, acceleration and lifting operations,” states Wayne Lazzerini, Mechanical Product Manager at Lenze Americas. “The MH series of motors, especially when combined with the right transmission, allow users to improve efficiency and significantly reduce energy usage—gaining efficiencies and increasing savings for Lenze customers.”

The IEC 60034-30 standard, Rotating electrical machines – Part 30: Efficiency classes of single-speed, three-phase cage induction motors, specifies the international efficiency (IE) codes for induction motors. In an effort to harmonize global efficiency levels, changes have been made to IE values to ensure consistency with international values. Beginning June 2011, the EuP (European Parliament) has mandated that electric motors in continuous operation with a power of 0.75 to 375 kW must be in efficiency Class IE2 or higher. For example, in round figures, the minimum efficiency for a 7.5kW motor is 85% at IE1 and 88% at IE2.

“Lenze high efficiency MH asynchronous motors operate within energy efficiency Classes IE1 and now IE2 for future compliance. Supplied in power ranges up to 45kW, customers can count on right sizing, not oversizing, by selecting precisely the functional range desired for the application from this new range of well-designed L-force three-phase motors,” adds Lazzerini.

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