Thursday, September 11, 2014

Internal Disconnect Switch on SMVector Drive Makes Motor Maintenance a Breeze

Lenze-AC Tech announces the release of the SMVector Frequency Inverter with a highly visible Internal Disconnect switch. Available on NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosed drives; the switch removes power to facilitate service and maintenance. According to Lenze-AC Tech officials, use of the Internal Disconnect Switch in decentralized “point of use” operations including conveyors, fans, pumps, material handling, stackers and sorters will result in reduced downtime, with operations getting back on-line faster.

Mentioning how local electrical codes in many parts of North America require a means of power disconnection at the motor, Lenze-AC Tech VFD Product Manager Steven Dextraze states, “The minimal footprint of the SMVector with Internal Disconnect helps electricians, installers and OEMs meet those codes with one piece of equipment.” According to Dextraze, besides saving valuable real estate on the production line, the Internal Disconnect reduces equipment cost by eliminating the need for a separate external disconnect switch mounted in its own enclosure, and of additional wiring between the external disconnect and the SMVector drive.

“Drives purchased in NEMA 4X rugged enclosures are usually decentralized, installed close to the motor,” explains Steven Dextraze, and he continues, “now the user has the means of disconnecting motor power right there —no more searching for the circuit breaker panel located in a remote maintenance closet”. According to Dextraze the Internal Disconnect switch is lockable in the off position, allowing maintenance personnel to service the motor while it is still connected to the SMVector drive.

Describing the Internal Disconnect Switch as conforming to European electrical conventions, Dextraze states that this latest addition enhances the SMVector drive’s already vigilant system protection consisting of voltage monitoring, current monitoring, follower loss management and over-temperature protection.

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