Tuesday, August 05, 2014

S100 - The Universal Miniature Photoelectric Sensor

Datalogicis proud to announce the new S100 Miniature Photoelectric Sensor series.

With its standard miniature dimensions of 20x32x12 mm and a unique layout with four mounting holes, the S100 line is a universal solution for all mounting needs.

Competitive pricing, combined with standard optical functions, make this new sensor the ideal detection solution for applications in automated manufacturing machines and logistic lines that require many sensors.

Another advantage of the S100 is it’s quick and simple installation. With no adjustment required, the S100 series reduces set-up time and eliminates the risk of tampering with the equipment. This distinctive feature can be particularly useful in applications where a large volume of photoelectric sensors are being installed, requiring simple and fast maintenance.

The S100 series offers a complete range of models: Through-beam at 12 m; Retroreflective at 8 m and Polarized Retroreflective at 5 m and 2 m; Diffuse proximity at 30 cm and 50 cm; Fixed Focus at 70 mm; Background Suppression at 100 mm. All models are offered with an M8 connector or 2m cable, with either NPN or PNP outputs.

Typical applications for the new S100 miniature photoelectric sensor are automatic machines and packaging lines in the manufacturing industry as well as conveyors, sorting lines and automated warehouses in the logistics industry.

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