Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Using optical shaft encoders in nasty environments - caustic, fine dust, saline, and the like - has always been, at best, a chancy proposition. The electronics and other critical components at the heart of an optical encoder do not lend themselves to being used in these types of difficult environments. At least that used to be the case, but Superseal, the encoder designed by Encoder Products Company (EPC) specifically for your worst nightmare, goes a long way towards solving that problem.

Built on the time tested and ultra reliable Model 725 Size 25 Optical Shaft Encoder platform, Superseal starts by adding double o-rings to the case seal and two Teflon seals to the bearing assembly, but it doesn't stop there. A double case, sealed encoder within a sealed encoder design, means that, even if the nasty stuff gets past the first layer of protection, extra layers still won't let it reach the critical components. Add to that still more sealing around the cable ports, and special connector options, including the Turck Eurofast, and you have an encoder that can "take a lickin' and keep on tickin'". Superseal was beta tested in some of the worst environments imaginable, like battery manufacturing plants, off shore oil rigs, etc., and while we can't say it always survived, it always stayed operational at least three to five times longer than any alternative. Superseal is definitely worth a try in your next "worst nightmare".

Superseal, like all Accu-Coder brand encoders, is manufactured to EPC's exacting standards to ensure the quality you've come to expect from the Accu-Coder brand. And, with EPC's exclusive three-year warranty, you can be confident your Accu-Coder will provide years of trouble free use.

Encoder Products Company is pleased to introduce the New Model 15 Line of Encoders. Designed with the OEM in mind, the Model 15 Line provides big benefits in a small package. The Model 15 is available in three styles: Shaft (S), Thru-bore (T), and Hollow bore (H). These small units have a low 1" profile in an industry standard size 15 (1.5"diameter) housing. But don't let the small size fool you, The Model 15 Line provides unequalled accuracy, high-speed performance, and up to 12-pole commutation. Each style features a lightweight Zytel housing, and precision bearings, which can be sealed up to a rating of IP64. Ideal for brushless servo-mount motor applications, the Model 15 can also withstand the harsh environments of a variety of industrial applications. The Model 15 also features an optional 100°C temperature capability, allowing servo-motors to operate at high speed outputs, perfect for specialized assembly machinery or robotics applications. However, the MAIN advantage of the Model 15 Line is it's economical PRICE!

Models 15T and 15H will easily mount over shaft sizes up to 10mm or 0.375", and feature EPC's innovative anti-backlash mounting system, making these units extremely easy to install, and much more tolerant to axial misalignment or radial shaft run-out. Model 15S is designed for those applications that require a shaft encoder, and features a variety of mounting options.

Every AccuCoder brand encoder is manufactured to EPC's exacting standards, and features EPC's exclusive 3-year standard product warranty, ensuring you years of trouble free use. With the miniscule package and price on the Model 15 encoder, it is easy to say, "No other encoder can give you this much bang for the buck!" To get this many important benefits, from such a small, economical encoder, you can clearly see that "The BEST things in life come in small packages!"

Encoder Products Company (EPC), manufacturer of the popular Accu-Coder brand of encoders, has made one of the most versatile members of its Accu-Coder Cube Series, the Model 715, even more flexible by dramatically extending its range of available resolutions. Simply put, this means that you can now order a Model 715 in nearly any resolution from 1 to 10,000!

 The Model 715 Bi-directional Encoder is a very flexible member of the Cube Series Accu-Coder that operates in one of two modes. In the first mode (Model 715-1), it provides a constant pulse width output on one output channel for clockwise shaft rotation, and on another channel for counterclockwise rotation. In the second mode (Model 715-2), the constant pulse width output is on one channel regardless of the direction of shaft rotation. Another channel is a direction line indicator that outputs a logic level "1" for clockwise shaft rotation, and a logic level "0" for counterclockwise rotation. Making the Model 715 even more versatile is the fact that the pulse width itself is programmable from 10 microseconds to 100 milliseconds. In addition, the Model 715 can be ordered with shaft sizes from 0.250" to 0.625".

 The Model 755A is manufactured to EPC's exacting standards to ensure the quality you've come to expect from the Accu-Coder brand. And with EPC's exclusive three-year warranty, you can be confident your Accu-Coder will provide years of trouble free use.