Tuesday, October 09, 2012

White P4 LEDs Narrowly Sorted for CCT

Marktech Optoelectronics introduces a new line of P4 LEDs binned specifically for lighting applications. Color consistency can be a struggle when left to complicated bin selecting as well as additional costs for choosing narrow bin selections. Marktech's line of MT4P series is binned specifically so that a customer ordering 3200ºk CCT color temp will not need to worry about the complications that come from sub-binning. Standard color options for this line are 3200ºk and 4000ºk temperatures and are available in 25 and 60 degree viewing angles depending on the application needs.

The MT4P series is popular in linear lighting applications that include refrigeration and vending illumination, general lighting and display lighting. High CRI values add to the popularity of this device being used in display illumination adding to the vivid display of consumer products.

MT4P White Features
  •     Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) of 3200ºk and 4000ºk
  •     Available in 25º and 60º viewing angles
  •     High CRI output
  •     High Luminous Intensities
  •     High Efficiency
  •     High Reliability
  •     Exceptional Cost vs. Performance Ratio
Additional Options
  •     Custom Sorting and Color Temperatures
  •     Other Package Options, SMD, Through-Hole
  •     High and Low Temperature testing services
  •     Linear LED Assembly Capabilities
  •     Custom Design Services; LED through finished assembly

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