Tuesday, October 09, 2012

UV LEDs below 400nm wavelength

UV LEDs with wavelengths ranging from 355nm to 400nm offer advantages in UV sensing applications, standard detection and UV curing processes. Marktech Optoelectronics offers a variety of standard and custom packaging to match application requirements.

Heat Curing is one application which utilizes UV wavelengths for polymerization but traditional sources which include Mercury lamps can damage the subject matter, are highly inefficient and use harmful materials for their operation. LEDs at wavelengths of 355nm to 400nm on the other hand are a highly efficient, longer lifetime alternative to standard bulb types. Temperatures are easily controllable with LEDs and the time needed to cure can be drastically reduced without damage to the scanned object. Custom packaging of UV die in LED or array configurations are also available.

UV LEDs are widely used in general sensing applications which include airport identification and inspection equipment, coin and bill validation and medical sensing and purification.

Marktech in 2011 will add additional wavelengths to the UV product offerings starting at 280nm. For status please contact our sales department.

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