Monday, October 01, 2012

The next generation of D-Sub SMT with straight surface mounts

HARTING has announced the launch of a range of straight D-Sub SMT connectors to complement its established angled product portfolio.

Meeting HARTING’s high quality standards, this new series of connectors offers an optimized design that ensures a high level of dependability and optimal processing characteristics. It enables surface mounting thus simplifying PCB assembly significantly and broadening its range of applications.

100% co-planarity is achieved through the use of stamped contacts and the specially designed insulator. This robust solution is capable of withstanding all normal handling processes.
Two variants are available – a connector for standard applications with flat, solderable pads to withstand plug-in and withdrawal forces and a variant for more demanding requirements with a solderable assembly pin in addition to the flat pads.

The black insulator, which is designed for improved camera detection, includes two positioning pegs for improved pick and place process reliability. Also included is a large removable cover for a 10 mm vacuum pipette.

All connectors are available with 9 to 37 contacts and are supplied with the option of M3 and 4-40 UNC threaded inserts and fixed female screw locks.
Performance level 2 and 3 are standard. PL1 can be delivered upon request.
In addition to 140-piece reels suitable for automatic assembly, these products can be delivered in other special packaging depending on customer requirements.

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