Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Texas Instruments TMS570 Development Kit

Keil has released the MCBTMS570 development kit to support the Texas Instruments TMS570 family of Cortex™-R4 processor-based devices.

The MCBTMS570 has been developed in close cooperation with Texas Instruments and is the first Keil development kit to support the Cortex-R4 processor-based devises. The MCBTMS570 together with the Keil MDK-ARM software development tools are ideal for users to create applications around this advanced architecture.


The MCBTMS570 features a 160MHz TMS570 microcontroller, 2MB Flash, 512KB SRAM, QVGA LCD with touch screen and comprehensive peripheral interfaces including USB (device, Host and OTG), CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and SD/MMC card and more.

Software and Examples

The MCBTMS570 Development Kit includes the MDK-ARM Evaluation Tools. These tools help you get started writing programs and testing the microcontroller and its capabilities. Sample applications that run on the MCBTMS570 and a Quickstart guide are included.


The MCBTMS570 is available now from Keil and our distribution partners.

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