Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Spectacular proving ground

For the eighth year in a row, Henkel has accompanied the competing teams as one of the main sponsors of the Dakar Rally. This year’s route was 8,377 kilometers long and was held in the mountains and deserts of Argentina, Chile and Peru. With a Loctite first aid box and skilled Henkel mechanics, Henkel supported the race.

On January 15, 2012, Henkel completed its eighth year as Premium Official Supplier of Dakar Rally, the world's most demanding automobile competition. Over the years, Henkel and the team of Loctite Charlies have become reliable partners when it comes to quick repairs in the bivouac.

Before the race began in the Argentinian Mar del Plata on January 1st, the drivers received their Loctite Kit, a “first aid” supply full of high-performance maintenance and repair products, such as the Teroson Fix & Repair Tape or anaerobic threadlockers, such as Loctite 243.

Real life-savers

Since its debut in 1979, the Dakar Rally has been the toughest off-road race anywhere in the world, an extreme challenge for both contestants and their vehicles. Cracks in plastic panels, splintered windshields, engine damage, broken shock absorbers, loosened screws and bolts, leaks in fuel and water tanks are all common occurrences here.

“These products can be real life-savers,” said grateful MAN truck team factory-driver Franz Echter. “You can rely on them one-hundred percent to do their job, even in extreme conditions, which is what makes them so great to have in an emergency.” Marc Coma, a Spanish Enduro rider sponsored by Henkel, also picked up the Loctite Kit, knowing these products would be needed at some point along the route.

Dakar proven

An average of 30 repairs per day was carried out by the team of Loctite Charlies. The most work took place during the rest day in Copiapó and the camp of Fiambalá, where the stages were really tough. Breaks in water and fuel tanks as well as plastic or carbon fibre pieces were the most common cases for repair. The Henkel mechanics also repaired a lot of radiators and bumpers and even some windshields.

Loctite and Teroson adhesives and sealants have demonstrated once again their ability to withstand the harsh conditions of searing heat and desert dust, offering  the highest standards of safety in day-to-day traffic. In this way, the rating “Dakar proven” has become a reliable quality reference for all car manufacturers and mechanics around the globe.

And the winner is…

The first to reach the finish line in the Capital of Lima, Peru, on January 15th was the French motorbike driver Cyril Despres. Marc Coma came in second due to engine damage. The best car driver was Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel. Overall, 249 of the 443 drivers were able to complete the 33rd Rally Dakar.

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