Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New mold sealer cures fast at room temperature

Frekote mold sealers from Henkel are favored worldwide by manufacturers in a variety of molding processes. When applied to a mold, Frekote sealers form micro-thin, thermally stable surfaces that are chemically bonded to the mold surface sealing micro porosity. Combined with Frekote release agents this results in multiple, contaminant-free releases and reduced manufacturing costs. Henkel will showcase its new Loctite Frekote CS-122 at this year’s JEC trade fair in Paris.

The Loctite Frekote CS-122 reduces the curing time to two hours resulting in a shorter waiting time before the user can apply the release agent. The new product also seals larger porosities better because it allows thicker coatings.

Application is easier as the product can either be sprayed or wiped on the surface. The Loctite Frekote CS-122 can be applied at room temperature between 13°C and 40°C Celsius making the energy consuming heating of the mold unnecessary. Cured, the sealing remains stable at temperatures of as much as 400°C Celsius. Due to an improved formulation compared to its predecessor, the recently launched CS-122 emits less odor making its application more comfortable for users.

CS-122 to become standard sealer for composites
The Loctite Frekote CS-122 was designed by Henkel, a global leader in adhesive, sealing and surface treatment technologies, to become the standard sealer for composites from low to medium gloss parts. It can be applied on both metal and epoxy molds and it is highly compatible with Frekote release agents.

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