Tuesday, October 02, 2012

More flexible and user-friendly: Han-Yellock®

Han-Yellock®, the sensational and totally redesigned connector series from HARTING, is the product of continuous innovation and product development. Just two years after the series was introduced, the range has been extended with new cable laying products. The series now offers socket housings for sizes 30 and 60. The design of these aluminum connection boxes matches the attractive appearance of the cable components perfectly.

Functionality is based on one and two cable inputs, which are available in metric thread sizes M25, M32 and M40. The new housing also has lateral functional surfaces, which can also be used for cable input if required. For the first time, applications requiring a 90° cable duct or locating the housing in an angled space can now be fitted with pleasing results.

As with all Han-Yellock® components, this user-friendly wiring system guarantees rapid processes. For the same reason, both the socket housing and the sleeve housing are made up of two parts, making it possible to fit the insulation body from the connector and the socket side without the use of tools. This makes cable management easier and more controlled. A core feature of Han-Yellock® functionality is the contact bridging or additional connection points in the connector.

The option to fit a PE busbar in the component base provides a further function: connector and socket housing become a space-saving distribution cabinet.

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