Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Micro/sys Releases the first Low-Power ARM Processor with StackableUSB®

Micro/sys incorporates StackableUSB technology for the first time in an ARM processor broadening the depth of the StackableUSB CPU platforms. Based on a high-performance ARM core, the SBC1626 from Micro/sys provides a powerful, network-ready controller on the 104 form factor with 7 USB ports: 5 host ports through the StackableUSB connector and 2 separate client USB ports.

The SBC1626 has dual network processing engines to drive the 10/100BASE-T Ethernet allowing embedded system users to offload networking tasks from one's server, such as Ethernet filtering which enables higher throughputs. The SBC1626 board is ideal for remote, low-power applications since it consumes only 385mA typical in its basic configuration. Applications ranging from industrial controllers to protocol converters to gateways can all be implemented on this high-performance ARM single board computer (SBC).

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