Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Joining forces for quality

At this year’s LIGNA trade fair in Hannover, Henkel is represented as a member of Gütegemeinschaft Dreidimensionale Möbelfronten e.V., a quality association for three-dimensional furniture fronts. Founded in March 2011, the association has set itself the task of establishing a verifiable quality system with the aim of introducing an RAL quality mark. The initiators of this quality association include furniture front manufacturers 3B, Arko and Ilcam as well as finish foil producer Renolit SE and representatives of the panels industry.

Verifiable and reproducible production parameters are a basic prerequisite for achieving consistently high quality standards in the manufacture of furniture fronts. With the aim of supporting efforts in this direction Henkel already began some years ago to develop metrics and equipment enabling customers to incorporate quality control directly into ongoing production. To draw attention to the significance of quality and innovation in the production of furniture parts, Henkel has joined the recently established quality association Gütegemeinschaft Dreidimensionale Möbelfronten e.V.

System solutions for optimizing process parameters

Henkel has developed a series of system solutions that make it possible to assure consistently high quality levels in furniture front manufacturing. The 3D Profiler enables line operators and line suppliers to track, control and optimize process parameters which are otherwise difficult to determine. ProControl is a system for precise measurement of adhesive application amounts, helping to maintain a balance between quality and costs. The closed Clean System was designed to facilitate the application of one-component 3D adhesives. 3D thermoforming technology is used to produce to produce a variety of parts, including up-market kitchen furniture fronts. The adhesive holding the components together – the panel substrate and the finish foil – plays a vital role here.

Innovative adhesive solutions for the furniture industry

DORUS FD 150/6 LS has a low activation temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. The lower the processing temperature in the press, the longer the life of the membrane. Other features characterizing this one-component 3D PU dispersion adhesive are its high heat and moisture resistance and its extremely high initial bond strength. By maximizing processing reliability, DORUS FD 150/6 LS helps to increase productivity in furniture part production.

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