Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The new Ha-VIS RF-R500 from HARTING offers customers an extremely powerful and versatile RFID Reader. It makes the use of RFID technology – the automatic recognition of objects – possible, even in demanding industrial environments without line of sight. Several hundred objects can be captured automatically over distances up to 16m and immediately stored on an existing IT system e.g. SAP. Automatic capture minimizes possible sources of error, enabling the optimization of logistics processes, for example.

Tools and wagon maintenance management can also be simplified and accelerated, achieving considerable cost savings. The full benefits of the reader can be seen in the example of tracking wagons going into a maintenance shed. Protected by a robust aluminum housing with a protection category up to IP 64, the reader can also be used in harsh environments in sheds or by the tracks. 4 W transmission power and four antenna connections for each device deliver wide coverage at minimum cost, as long antenna cables can be added. The powerful processor and optimized software means that wagons traveling past quickly can be captured.

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