Monday, October 01, 2012

HARTING RFID eKanban solution

HARTING customers can now obtain RFID hardware and software, system integration as well as consulting from a single source. This complete range of RFID products and services emphasizes HARTING's solution competence.

The sustainable benefits of the RFID eKanban solution are readily apparent.

The systematic provision of information improves manufacturing control quality because, for example, stock levels and ranges are available via Kanban loop from the back-end systems (SAP-ERP and HYDRA-MES) in a concentrated form on the "eKanban board". This saves time-consuming searching and "clicking around" to find the required information. The "machine plan board" supplements the solution by displaying the current assignment and utilization of all machines. Pending production orders can be pulled onto a machine by way of drag & drop. Bookings are also made immediately and directly in the back-end systems by the online use of handhelds. This speeds up logistic processes, and dispenses entirely with the need for manual booking. Maximal transparency is ensured as the booking status of each and every production order is displayed on the eKanban board. Workflows ensure that processes are always processed completely and in the correct order. The error rate is minimized while process reliability is increased. Production papers are virtually eliminated. The final result is the implementation of innovative production harnessing modern technologies and offering an ROI in less than two years.

The HARTING RFID eKanban solution has been implemented in the company's own die casting production area and currently comprises 9 die-casting machines that produce more than 250 die cast articles in more than 1,200 steel containers (the trend is increasing). The RFID eKanban solution can be experienced "live" at the HARTING headquarters in Espelkamp upon request.

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