Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Han® HC 250 high current contact

A Powerful Solution

HARTING has developed the new
Han® HC 250high current connector as a powerful interface that impresses by requiring little space, transmitting high current intensities and allowing flexible configuration of the number of poles. The HC 250 one-pole crimp module can be connected in various frame geometries to produce the required number of poles in a compact space – and in the existing
Han® HPR housing.

Technical details:
- Rated current 250 A at a rated voltage of 2000 V
- Termination cross-sections are: 35 mm2, 50 mm2 and 70 mm2
- Maximum four-pole interfaces in a size 24 B HPR housing, making it particularly suitable for motor connections
- High quality plastic with good smoke and inflammability levels
- Removal tool for simple installation and removal of the contacts and inserts
- Confusion of a number of interfaces is reliably prevented by multiple coding options for the individual inserts

The requirements in the railway industry are changing, as increasing mobility means greater flexibility in the journey and connection times. Powerful drive systems with high acceleration levels, reliable operating states and simple maintenance possibilities are called for here – and these are exactly the requirements that the Han® HC 250 satisfies.

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