Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Han® 70 A Crimp Module

New in the Han-Modular® Series

A new Han® 70 A Crimp module – predestined for applications presenting the toughest mechanical demands – is now available for the Han-Modular® series from the HARTING Technology Group.

The Han® 70 A Crimp module is plug compatible with the Han® 70 A Axial screw module already used in many applications. The transmission of a great deal of power in the most compact space is one special feature. For example, this allows up to 12 power contacts with 70 A and 1000 V to be implemented in a pluggable version in a Han® 24 B connector.

Technical details:
- 2 power contacts per module and up to 6 modules per connector
- High working voltage of 1000 V
- Large conductor cross-section of 10 to 25 mm²
- Crimp termination technology, crimping tools already on hand can be used
- Contacts can be removed without tools
- Plug compatible with the 70 A Axial screw module

As an open connector system, the Han-Modular® series is especially flexible and allows adaptation to users' individual requirements. Consequently, users can put together "their" connectors to satisfy the required configuration. In order to increase the number of possible configurations, new additions are continually joining the current 36 modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals.

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