Monday, October 01, 2012

Green technologies for automotive industry

Henkel exhibited its complete range of innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for the automotive industry at the Thailand Auto Parts & Accessories 2012.

The Transportation & Metal Industries business unit of Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business sector has showcased its green technologies at the Thailand Auto Parts & Accessories (TAPA) fair, which was held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre this spring. With more than 400 international exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors, TAPA proved to be an important mega trade show in the region.

The event takes place once every two years to showcase Thailand's potential as the automotive parts industry leader and hub in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region. Notably, in 2012, Thailand’s export of automotive parts and accessories is projected to increase by more than 10 percent to exceed 10 billion US dollars.

Henkel Thailand took the opportunity to display its complete range of solutions for the automotive industry, focusing on sustainability and environmental protection. The highlights included:
  •     Aquence®, the water-based smart coating solution;
  •     Terocore®, a range of high strength reinforcement foams to enhance structural integrity of car bodies, thus delivering improved design and strong crash resistance; and
  •     Loctite® high performance gasketing solutions to enable lower manufacturing costs, improve quality and increase performance reliability.
At Henkel’s booth, visitors were also able to buy Loctite® products at a special price and participate in fun activities.

“We are actively promoting our power brand Loctite® and the Aquence® coating chemicals. The Aquence® technology in particular, is an industrial breakthrough that helps reduce the coating processing steps from 15 to seven with zero energy usage, while simultaneously enabling better finishing quality,” said Rumpa Choonawaphan, Senior Marketing Specialist of Adhesive Technologies Thailand. “We are pleased to have generated a high level of interest and leads from the fair.”

“Henkel has established a solid reputation as a sustainability leader among automotive manufacturers based in Thailand, since we introduced innovative, green technologies to the industry five years ago,” said Daniel Rudolph, a Henkel Business Director. “This has given us a competitive edge - especially now that the industry pays greater attention to developing eco-friendly cars to tackle issues related to vehicle mass and fuel efficiency, and also to meet the increasingly stringent Thai government regulations to manage pollution.”

Daniel added, “Henkel Thailand currently produces many of our products for the automotive industry locally. In line with our corporate vision to be “a leader in brands and technologies”, we will continue to partner with our customers to anticipate industry trends and launch innovative, sustainable products to meet new demands.”

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