Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Development of the "PH Series" of High Voltage, Smaller Size, High Capacitance Radial Lead Type Aluminum Capacitors

Nichicon Corporation has developed a new series, the PH series, which is a high voltage, smaller size, high capacitance radial leaded type aluminum capacitor principally suited for household digital appliances, and AC adaptors, power sources of all kinds. The line-up will be on display at the CEATEC JAPAN 2012 exhibition to be held at Makuhari Messe from 2–6 October (Tues-Sat).

With the increasing miniaturization of household digital appliances and AC adaptors, the need has arisen for even smaller aluminum capacitors with higher capacitance. Demand is growing particularly fast for higher voltage radial leaded  aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the 400 to 450V rated voltage range that are used in primary power sources.  In the future, as devices continue to miniaturize, board space will reduce and the density of mounted parts will increase.

To meet these market needs, Nichicon has developed the PH series line-up of high voltage, smaller size, high capacitance leaded aluminum capacitors.

The PH series applies the Nichicon capacitor manufacturing technologies such as the adoption of high capacitance, high strength aluminum electrolytic foil and the optimization of electrode design and electrode uptake, and have led to around a 20% size reduction over the current PZ series and up to 50% more capacitance. These are the best aluminum capacitors for digital electronics batteries, AC adaptors and other power sources where miniaturization is  most important.

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