Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Current transducer accurately measures up to 4000A

LEM has introduced the ITL 4000-S current transducer for non-invasive measurement of currents up to 4000ARMS in conductors of up to 268mm diameter. The new transducer allows the isolated measurement of AC, DC and pulsed currents, up to three times the nominal value for peak measurement at frequencies up to 50kHz (+/-1dB).

Using closed-loop Fluxgate technology, highly accurate measurements of +/-0.1% of IPN are achieved over the operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C. This high level of accuracy also allows the measurement of small DC currents in the presence of large AC components, which is particularly useful in applications such as transformer protection. For example, it is possible to monitor +/-10A DC over a 4000ARMS AC current with an uncertainty of +/-1A over an operating temperature range from -25°C to +50°C. The technology also offers very good offset and gain thermal drift performance.

The large aperture of the ITL 4000-S makes it particularly suitable for measurements on highvoltage DC systems, which use large-diameter cables. It features high insulation for working voltages up to 1.5kVRMS in accordance with the EN 50178 standard.

The mechanical design of the transducer offers simplified access to the electronics for easy maintenance. This often avoids the need to disconnect the conductors in the final application.

The ITL 4000-S operates from a bipolar +/-24V supply, provides an analogue current output and is suitable for all industrial applications as qualified against the EN 50178 industrial standard. It is particularly suitable for DC current control in transformers, or in offshore wind turbines for DC power transmission, or for leakage current measurement in any application with high primary currents.

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