Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Chromate-free surface treatment for high user safety

At this year’s SURFAIR in Biarritz, France, the emphasis lies on sustainable innovations in surface treatments for the aerospace industry. During the conference, Henkel will be presenting the new products Alodine 5923 Plus, a chromate-free conversion coating, and the borate- and silicate-free cleaner Turco C 8000 GL. In addition, the globally leading adhesives manufacturer will be introducing a new three-component technology for surface treatment.

With Alodine 5923 Plus, Henkel has developed a chromate-free conversion coating for the aircraft industry that provides aluminum parts with anti-corrosion protection. This pre-treatment makes bare aluminum parts corrosion-resistant in accordance with ASTM B117, a salt spray test for assessing corrosion protection. The product is applied by dipping or brushing and improves the adhesion of coatings to the metal surface. It enables surface treatment with increased safety in use since it contains no hexavalent chromium.

For cleaning of parts, Henkel has developed the two-component liquid cleaner Turco C 8000 GL. This cleaner, which is completely borate- and silicate-free, is ideal for fuel and hydraulic components, as well as for all parts to be anodized and conversion coated.

Latest technology for surface treatment products from Henkel

The new Alodine 8800 is an adhesion promoter that is especially suitable for titanium and aluminum parts. It comes from Henkel’s new Sol-Gel technology family. The water-based product, applied by mist spraying or brushing, forms a layer on the surface that contains no heavy metals.

The two-component Sol-Gel application significantly improves the paint and structural adhesive bonding of the treated parts.

In addition, Henkel has developed another new product for surface treatment that is based on a three-component Sol-Gel material. This is mixed shortly before application and also offers long-lasting corrosion protection.

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