Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Worklight Usage in Pharma Packaging Application Note

Reliable manufacturing of liquid-dosage pharmaceutical products packed in IV bags, glass vials, or filled syringes requires comprehensive inspections. Human visual inspections are often used for detecting contamination where automated inspection systems may not be feasible. It is extremely important to identify particulates or foreign substances of any size.

Since many of the particulates are extremely minute, it is important to have bright and highly uniform illumination in inspection stations so operators can effectively verify the quality of products.

Banner’s Work Light Strips or Work Area Lights provide stable, durable and uniform bright lighting for quality inspection in pharmaceutical packaging. With extremely bright LEDs, these lights use considerably less energy, and can last significantly longer than fluorescent lighting with over 50,000 hours of continuous light. LEDs are more ergonomic for operator use compared to fluorescents, which tend to flicker from changes in intensity.

• Easy to clean and wipe down
• IP67- and IP69K-rated models available
• Low profile housing
• High brightness, long working life
• Operates at 12-30V dc
• Various sizes and mounting options

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