Thursday, September 27, 2012

VOC-Free Corrosion Protection from Henkel

Free from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, the Terotex Aqua product line from Henkel is designed for corrosion protection on vehicles. Working with the products does not pose any risks to the user’s health, while the repair shop can reduce its VOC emissions.

Welded metal repairs, new body panels, retrofitted spoilers, tuning components and even spare parts are used during the repair work all require comprehensive corrosion protection. In most cases, only a primer has been applied to the parts and this is insufficient to prevent corrosion occurring in the long term. In addition, the existing corrosion protection may have been removed or damaged by welding, cutting or grinding work and the associated high temperatures. The result is weaknesses in the body that compromise the safety, comfort and look of the vehicle.

For comprehensive corrosion protection, Henkel has developed the Terotex Aqua product line for the auto repair industry. This high-quality coating range guarantees maximum corrosion protection and, because it does not contain solvents, also offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products. The products do not pose any health risks for the workshop employee, while the workshop can reduce its VOC emissions in compliance with legislation.

Environmentally compatible corrosion protection at OEM level
Terotex Aqua is fully compatible with the corrosion protection materials used in the auto industry, thereby ensuring a good match with the existing PVC coating on the original parts. One particular advantage for workshops is the restoration of a uniform surface texture in OEM quality that matches the original finish.

Terotex Record 2000 Aqua for perfect underbody protection
The underbody is an expansive area that is particularly vulnerable to corrosion. It can be damaged by stones thrown up by the wheels, road salt and other environmental influences. Terotex Record 2000 Aqua provides uncompromising protection and an OEM appearance for new parts. Alongside high abrasion resistance, the waterborne protective film has good adhesive properties, even at very low temperatures. Straightforward to apply, the product is also suitable for coating large areas. A protective film is applied to the underbody using a spray gun at a distance of around 30cm. Only one pass is required for an optmum wet-film thickness of 1.2mm. Terotex Record 2000 Aqua provides a strong and permanent bond with the underbody, and can be overpainted with water-based paints after a period of 24 hours.

Terotex Super 3000 Aqua for effective protection against stone chips
Stone chips are another frequent cause of damage to paintwork and undercoating, which in turn leads to the formation of rust. Terotex Super 3000 Aqua was developed to provide perfect protection in OEM quality. This waterborne corrosion protection product is compatible with all vehicle substrates and is available in white, black or grey, allowing the original OEM structure to be recreated. After the repair area has been thoroughly cleaned, Terotex Super 3000 Aqua stone chip protection is applied using a practical gun with pressure regulator or a filler/paint gun. The opportunity to produce different surface structures and layer thicknesses from coarse to fine ensures a uniform appearance, even following repair work. After around three hours of air drying, the area can be overpainted using any standard water-based vehicle repair paint. The body colour may be added to all three colors.

Terotex HV 450 Aqua for cavity protection
Following repairs to components with cavities (e.g. replacing a side panel), it is extremely important to apply the correct corrosion protection, as it is here that condensation and moisture can lead to concealed rust. This is major factor in ensuring that a vehicle holds its value. Terotex HV 450 Aqua is an excellent choice. It completely seals the surface and, with very good creep properties, penetrates into the furthest corners of the cavity. This waterborne preservative can be applied cleanly using a pressure-feed spray gun. A range of application tools can be attached to the gun’s nozzle: flexible, straight and hook-shaped tools are available depending on the cavity properties. The product is applied to the cavities until a small quantity of material can be seen from the drain holes. Terotex HV 450 Aqua can be worked at low temperatures from 15 degrees Celsius and has optimum moisture suppression characteristics. A high dropping point of over 150 degrees Celsius furthermore ensures that the protective film does not degrade, even in the high temperatures of the summer months. As a waterborne product, Terotex HV 450 Aqua does not cause any unpleasant solvent odours in the vehicle interior.

A technical data sheet including a detailed description of how the products should be applied is available.

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