Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smallest, Mass-Produced Form "C" SMD Reed Relay Available

Coto Technology’s 9852 Form “C” SMD, ultra-miniature reed relay features longer life and optimized performance for ATE, Process Instrumentation and Telecommunications applications.

Expected life is 200 million cycles (N/O contact), and 100 million  (N/C) at 1V 10mA load.  RF bandpass (-3dB) is 4GHz (N/O) or 3GHz (N/C).  Isolation and return losses at 1 GHz are –10dB and –20dB respectively.  An external magnetic shield reduces electromagnetic interaction between closely spaced relays. And, with a footprint of 0.078 sq. in., the 9852 is the smallest Form “C” SMD reed relay available in high-volume mass production.

The 9852’s combination of small size, long life and good RF bandpass is unattainable by electromechanical or micromachined relays.   Gull-wing, “J”-lead or axial surface-mount styles are available in tubes or tape-and-reel spools.  Delivery is from stock to 6 weeks.

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