Thursday, September 27, 2012

Perfect Adhesive Strength and Improved Occupational Safety

Henkel has developed two new high-performance adhesives for repairing plastic components on vehicles and for bonding body parts. The new products are particularly low in emissions and thus offer excellent health and safety attributes.

More and more automotive components – from bumpers, fenders and spoilers to the fuel flap – are made from plastics of every kind. If these components crack or break, then a dependable adhesive is required. Henkel is now rounding off its portfolio of tried-and-tested adhesives for repairing plastic parts with a duo of two-component polyurethane-based products with low emission values.

Mixing the two-component adhesives is extremely easy thanks to a special mixing nozzle that is used to apply them. The two components are mixed automatically in the nozzle, ensuring the optimal quality of the adhesive during application.

Teroson PU 9225 SF ME and Teroson PU 6700 ME
Teroson PU 9225 SF ME can be used to repair all plastic parts on the vehicle exterior. The product has a pot life of two minutes, is applied at room temperature and subsequently cured using an infrared heat source at 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. The repair can be sanded with ease and, with the additional use of the Terokal 150 bonding agent, can also be painted without any difficulty.

Teroson PU 6700 ME is ideal for bonding different materials. The product can be used for metal, wood and most plastics and on painted surfaces. The adhesive cures in around ten minutes, regardless of the ambient temperature and the humidity level.

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