Thursday, September 27, 2012

Honeywell Releases Enhanced Pro-Watch® Security Management Platform

Honeywell has released the newest version of its flagship Pro-Watch® integrated security management system. Designed for global, large multi-site facilities like airports, universities and corporate offices, the new Pro-Watch 4.0 system includes enhanced features such as support for wireless readers from Ingersoll Rand Schlage, new compliance reporting functions and web-based alarm and event management capabilities.  Honeywell has also refreshed the platform’s look and feel, restyling its graphical user interface (GUI) with new icons and improved navigation for a more user-friendly experience.

“Optimizing business by using integrated systems is the new reality for most enterprise-level organizations,” said Vince Lupe, Honeywell’s Enterprise Segment marketing leader. “Linking functions like HR, building management and compliance with security was once considered a cost of doing business, but Pro-Watch 4.0 can make it a business tool. That type of functionality gives integrators an opportunity to provide more value to their customers.”

The Pro-Watch 4.0 system features integration to Ingersoll Rand’s Schlage AD-400 wireless readers, which allows customers to more-easily protect remote entryways previously difficult to reach with wired readers. Additionally, Pro-Watch® Compliance Report Manager and advanced badging give users the ability to easily create and manage employee access cards and create custom statistical and transaction reports. The system also allows access to alarm and event data through any Internet-connected device, and enables quick threat detection by integrating with the latest version of Honeywell’s IP-based video management system, MAXPRO® VMS R300.

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