Thursday, September 27, 2012

HARTING D20 Full Metal Housing: New Fixing Elements

In developing the HARTING D20 full metal housing for DIN 41612 connectors the emphasis was on flexibility and handling convenience. For example, where components are installed in difficult-to-reach or confined spaces, to ensure they can be screwed in easily, internal hexagonal screws were selected as fixing screws for the D20 housing. Even if the angle is less than 25°, a ball head screwdriver can still be used.

These new metal fixing elements represent an excellent addition to the housing range plus further locking options. The new metal fixing elements create a robust mechanical connection thanks to their established screwing technology combined with a recently developed alternative screwless locking option. The D20 full metal housings can be secured manually with a noticeable ‘click’ – no additional tool needed. This makes locking and unlocking more convenient and faster. The locking levers simplify operation significantly and can also be used to aid insertion or removal of daughter cards in the 19” rack. Especially when a large number of daughter cards, closely packed, are used, this easily accessible removal aid is a great help because less force is needed. The permanent electrical connection provided by the fixing element ensures that the housing and the racking system are always in contact, hence the ideally enhanced screening properties with screening attenuation of over 30 dB characteristic of the special HF D20 housing. The robust and vibration-proof D20 housing range is the system of choice for railway applications. This explains why the new fixing element is also designed to be vibration-proof and why the plastic used for the ejection lever has the fire classification and smoke index suitable for railway applications: I2/F1 under NFF 16-101.

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