Thursday, September 27, 2012

Han-Modular® Shielded Module

The new Han®Shielded Module is now available for the HARTING technology group’s Han-Modular® series. This is specifically intended for applications in which shielded signal cables are to be designed to function free of interference and to mate securely.

A special hallmark of the system is the fact that up to 20 shielded signal contacts can be connected with a minimum space requirement. The perfect metallic shielding reduces to zero any interference from directly adjacent power modules. Specifically in applications with frequency converters, the power cables can often transfer interference to signal cables. With the new shielded
Han® Shielded Module, the signal contacts are now shielded against any such adverse effects. This now enables power and signal modules to be transferred in a connector without interference and securely, even in extreme electrical signal conditions.

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