Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gap Pad 2000SF

Gap Filler 2000 is a high performance, thermally conductive liquid gap filling material supplied as a two-component, room or elevated temperature curing system.The material provides a balance of cured material properties and good compression set (memory).The result is a soft, form-inplace elastomer ideal for coupling "hot" electronic components mounted on PC boards with an adjacent metal case or heat sink. Before cure, it flows under pressure like grease. After cure, it won't pump from the interface as a result of thermal cycling and is dry to the touch.

Unlike cured Gap Filling materials, the liquid approach offers infinite thickness with little or no stress during displacement and assembly. It also eliminates the need for specific pad thickness and die-cut shapes for individual applications.

Gap Filler 2000 is intended for use in thermal interface applications when a strong structural bond is not required.

Features and Benefits
  •     Thermal conductivity: 2.0 W/m-K
  •     Ultra-conforming, designed for fragile and low-stress applications
  •     Ambient and accelerated cure schedules
  •     100% Solids – no cure by-products
  •     Excellent low and high temperature mechanical and chemical stability
Typical Applications Include
  •     Automotive electronics
  •     Computer and peripherals
  •     Between any heat-generating semiconductor and a heat sink
  •     Telecommunications
  •     Thermally conductive vibration dampening

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