Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adhesives Make Car Repair Easier

Adhesive technologies are increasingly used in the car industry and in vehicle repair shops. Adhesive bonding is replacing conventional joining techniques such as welding, riveting or bolting. This not only increases safety but also simplifies many production operations. At Automechanika 2012, Henkel will be presenting recent product innovations and a broad product portfolio for reliable car repair in OEM quality.

Henkel has developed two new high-performance adhesives for repairing plastic components on vehicles and for bonding body parts. The new products are particularly low in emissions and thus offer excellent health and safety attributes. More and more automotive components – from bumpers, fenders and spoilers to the fuel flap – are made from plastics of every kind. If these components crack or break, then a dependable adhesive is required.

Teroson PU 9225 SF ME and Teroson PU 6700 ME
Mixing the two-component adhesives is extremely easy thanks to a special mixing nozzle that is used to apply them. The two components are mixed automatically in the nozzle, ensuring the optimal quality of the adhesive during application. Teroson PU 9225 SF ME can be used to repair all plastic parts on the vehicle exterior. The product has a pot life of two minutes, is applied at room temperature and subsequently cured using an infrared heat source at 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. Teroson PU 6700 ME is ideal for bonding different materials. The product can be used for metal, wood and most plastics and on painted surfaces. The adhesive cures in around ten minutes, regardless of the ambient temperature and the humidity level.

Low odour and low bloom: Loctite 403, 408 and 460
Loctite 403, 408 and 460 are three improved instant adhesives from Henkel that can be used for bonding virtually any materials. Already market leaders in terms of health and safety, these products now offer even better performance.

The three Loctite instant adhesives are suitable for bonding almost all materials, from plastic through metal to rubber. Thanks to a special formulation, they do not irritate the skin, nor does their safety data sheet list any hazard symbols or chemical substances that pose a risk to health. In launching these improved products, Henkel is strengthening its portfolio of innovative solutions with regard to occupational health and safety. The improved formulation has higher moisture tolerance and leads to a longer lasting bond.

Long processability, straightforward mixing: Terokal 5010 TR
Terokal 5010 TR, the two-component material being unveiled by Henkel at Automechanika, is an entirely new solution for the perfect repair of body damage – and far superior to hot soldering using tin. The product, which is sold under the Teroson brand name, has been tested by the “Allianz Zentrum fuer Technik” with positive results.

For workshops, the use of Terokal 5010 TR offers significant time and labour savings. In contrast to working with tin, no high temperatures are required and the vehicle components do not have to be dismantled and then fitted again following the repairs. Neither is there any impact on the plastic components close to the repair, as the application and curing temperatures are no higher than if the vehicle was standing in bright sunlight.

New flange sealant silicones suitable for throughout the vehicle
Sealing mechanical components is made even easier with Loctite new silicone products, Henkel is unveiling at this year’s Automechanika in Frankfurt. The innovative premium silicones were developed to satisfy the highest demands in automotive repair shops. Henkel is completing and optimising its silicone sealant line with two new products Loctite SI 5660 and Loctite SI 5990 in addition to the well-known Loctite SI 5980 Quick Gasket. The silicones can be used for sealing a variety of components on the vehicle, for example in the engine compartment they are used on the oil pan, water pump and valve covers. All three products adhere to both metals and plastics.

Henkel, the world’s largest manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and surface technologies, supplies the innovative products in a user-friendly ready-to-use cartridge developed especially for workshops. The sealant is applied from the pressurised cartridge through the integrated nozzle, without the need for an additional dispensing device.

Environmentally compatible corrosion protection at OEM level
Free from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, the Terotex Aqua product line from Henkel is designed for corrosion protection on vehicles. Working with the products does not pose any risks to the user’s health, while the repair shop can reduce its VOC emissions.

Welded metal repairs, new body panels, retrofitted spoilers, tuning components and even spare parts are used during the repair work all require comprehensive corrosion protection. In most cases, only a primer has been applied to the parts and this is insufficient to prevent corrosion occurring in the long term. In addition, the existing corrosion protection may have been removed or damaged by welding, cutting or grinding work and the associated high temperatures. The result is weaknesses in the body that compromise the safety, comfort and look of the vehicle.

For comprehensive corrosion protection, Henkel has developed the Terotex Aqua product line for the auto repair industry. This high-quality coating range guarantees maximum corrosion protection and, because it does not contain solvents, also offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products. The products do not pose any health risks for the workshop employee, while the workshop can reduce its VOC emissions in compliance with legislation.

Further training initiative with added value benefits for practitioners
Messe Frankfurt has launched a “Further training” campaign as part of this year’s Automechanika. An important component of the campaign will be the “accident damage repairs” training package. The goal here is to give interested participants practical sessions on this demanding area of work and allow them to try out tools and methods themselves. One workshop will be hosted by Henkel.

During the “Body bonding techniques” workshop – Henkel, with its Teroson branded products, will show participants chemical bonding materials as important elements of today’s vehicle bodies. They will receive information about health and safety regulations regarding the use of chemical products and will have the chance to apply the products themselves. Participants will also find out about the main tools used to apply sealants and adhesives. Here too there will be a hands-on component, the aim of which will be to return a vehicle body as closely as possible to its original appearance following the repair process.

Henkel at the fair
At the leading international show for the automotive industry, visitors can learn about the latest innovations in adhesives and sealants at the Henkel stand A05 in Hall 11. Visitors will find Henkel as well at the education and training hall GAL1 at stand A03.

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