Friday, September 28, 2012

2-Bit Quadrature High Quality Encoder Fits Wide Range of Applications

CUI Inc introduces a new panel mount optical encoder that has a 2-bit quadrature resolution and can be used in a wide variety of applications. The C14 series is of high quality with a clean, crisp square wave output and no plastic components. Possible applications include audio, aircraft, medical and test equipment, or as a replacement for a panel mount potentiometer.

The C14 series has a 16 or 32 angle of throw position along with three shaft options that include 3.175 mm with slotted end, 6 mm diameter round, and 6.35 mm with D-cut. Detent options include 16, 32, or non-detent. A push switch is available and there are four termination options including solder holes, 130 mm cable with connector, pcb mount, and panel mount. The C14 series will be available through Digi-Key soon with prices starting at under $23 per unit. Please contact CUI directly for OEM pricing.

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