Friday, August 10, 2012

The Most Elegant Way to Connect a Circuit Board: Han-Fast® Lock

Han-Fast® Lock delivers rapid user-friendly circuit board connection technology. Without the need for additional components, for the first time, HARTING now makes it possible to connect Han® connectors to circuit boards with ease and flexibility. The Han-Fast® Lock circuit board connector seamlessly meets the requirements of high currents, is easy to handle and comes in a space-saving size.

During development, both technical requirements and optimized processing were the focus of attention. This was the only way to optimize overall circuit board production costs and minimize device costs.

Han-Fast® Lock makes circuit board production easy. It is easy to connect up to 60 A current to a circuit board. But only Han-Fast® Lock makes it possible to create contacts in a compact, flexible and easy way. Only one contact point is needed to make the connection. Conductor lines are through-plated and given a drill hole and supporting point.

Device manufacturers have access to pre-assembled system solutions. For example, the Han® Q 4/2 connector with pre-connected litz wires and circuit board contact can be supplied as a pre-tested system and connected to the circuit board. Litz wires measuring up to 10 mm² can be used with the Han-Fast® Lock contact. The pre-assembled contact is fitted to the prepared circuit board and the pin provided is engaged to lock the circuit board. It is extremely easy to use and comparable to any commercially available snap connector.

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