Monday, August 20, 2012

The latest addition to our extensive CFL product line, the NEW MIG16-2

The Megger Impulse Generator, model MIG16-2, is the latest addition to our compact cable fault locating and high-voltage testing equipment product line.

• A fully-functioning field instrument
• Cost effective and efficient unit for HV testing, fault conditioning and fault pinpointing
• 1500-joule output available at both surge/voltage ranges of 8 and 16 kV

Pinpointing Methods
The capacitive discharge is still the most widely used and most reliable method of pinpointing the exact location of underground cable faults. The MIG16-2 offers this and several other benefits.

• Fully adjustable DC output suitable for DC (proof) testing of cables before or after repair.

• Proof/burn capability when faults are unstable or of too-high a resistance, which would require an excessive voltage level to create the flashover.

• Two ranges so that maximum energy is available at both the lower and higher voltage range, creating the maximum noise at the point of breakdown, without causing damage to the cable network.

• Single shot and variable discharge rate make the unit suitable for pinpointing and prelocating faults on a variety of cable types.

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