Friday, August 10, 2012

Space-Saving Cable Systems: Ha-VIS preLink®

Ha-VIS preLink®– the HARTING program for individual cable solutions in industrial and utility buildings – now includes a new 19” format distributor field. It has been specially developed for fitting into 19“ distributors and switch cabinets and provides 24 RJ45 ports for transmitting up to 10 gigabits to 1 HE. Ha-VIS preLink® modules are produced in the keystone format and can be wired using Ha-VIS preLink® assembly technology using all types of commercially available 4- and 8-wire data cables.

Also new to the program: robust industry outlets with two RJ45 ports in AIDA compliant HARTING PushPull V.14 interfaces. Machine and plant manufacturers like these, particularly for automobile manufacturing. The metal outlets are tough and designed to IP 65/67. Installation uses time-saving and secure Ha-VIS preLink® assembly technology.

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