Thursday, August 30, 2012

SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR Accelerates the Penetration into Lighting Market

Today, SEOUL Semiconductor, the world’s leading LED manufacturer, released new high-brightness Z-Power LED Z series titled ‘Z7’ and ‘Z6’ and unveiled its plan to release one or two new product(s) every month to meet diverse customer needs and demands as the LED lighting market looks prosperous this year.

The Z-Power LED Z7 series (4W) is a high-brightness white LED made of special ceramic PCB. It offers 5,500K color temperature and 440lm brightness. In particular, the Z series offers an ultra-small package (9 X 7 X 3.2mm) for easy application to diverse indoor and outdoor lighting products in substitution of P7 LED series.

Compared to the P7 series, Z7 series are significantly small (about one seventh) in terms of the foot print. In fact, the brand-new product is thinner but brighter and more efficient than rival products. After all, the Z7 series is a perfect solution to indoor and outdoor lightings which requires long life and stability just like street lamps and tunnel lighting as well as downlight and commercial lights such as PAR30.

The Z-Power LED Z6 series also includes full-color LED products which can create red/green/blue and even white lights. In particular, the 4 LED chips in the Z6 package are individually operable in red, green, blue and white (1W each). If they are operated at the same time, the white color (4W) can be created in diverse color temperatures (pure, warm and neutral). In addition, Z6 series offers diversity of designs by comprising the four LED chips with independent circuits inside the package.

The Z6 series, which is available in an ultra-small package (9 X 7 X 1mm) is specially designed to create fancy lighting such as landscape lighting, stage lighting and digital signage based on full-color performance. Especially, the Z6 series has superior color mixing properties compared to rival products. Because it is scheduled to be released at about 30% less expensive, it could make a great contribution to the wide distribution of LED lighting.

Manuel Zarauza, the vice president of European sales from Seoul Semiconductor, said, “We expect to be able to take care of current technical and economic problems in the LED lighting market with the new Z-Power LED Z6/Z7 series.”

Meanwhile, the samples for both the Z6 and Z7 series are available now, and mass production will begin in February.

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