Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pulse's Larsen NMOHFGPS Mobile Antenna Mount Integrates GPS Functionality with Wireless Coverage

Pulse Electronics, a worldwide leader in electronic component and subassembly design and manufacturing, introduces its new Larsen brand NMO (“new Motorola”) high-frequency (NMOHF) vehicle-mounted mobile antenna mount featuring an integrated active GPS antenna in a single compact rugged package.  With a broad operating frequency range of 27 MHz to 6 GHz, this combination antenna/mount provides GPS coverage for vehicle tracking and location applications together with wireless voice/data coverage.

Pulse’s NMOHFGPS series mount combines aesthetics with a small footprint and low profile, measuring only 4.5” long by 2" wide and just 0.7" tall (114.30mm x 50.80mm x 17.78mm).  An input voltage of 3 or 5 volts DC provides compatibility with most commercially available GPS navigation systems.  The integrated NMOHF mount provides impedance matching at frequencies above 1 GHz, superior to that of the industry standard NMO mount.  The mount is easily converted from low to high frequency through the removal of the mount center pin, which creates a coax-type connection optimal for high-frequency applications.

“The Pulse Larsen line invented the original NMO mount, developed the NMO high-frequency mount, and continues to set the standard for NMO antenna technology by increasing the NMOHF mount series to include GPS/mobile combinations,” said Steve Bruegger, Pulse sales manager for the Larsen brand.  “This antenna/mount configuration is ideal for public safety, telematics, machine-to-machine (M2M), automated meter reading (AMR), or any mobile application which requires wireless and GPS capabilities.”

The NMOHFGPS antenna mount provides an IP65 rating to protect against possible water ingress.

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