Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lumex LCDs “Go Extreme” from -40C to +85C

Lumex announces the global launch of their InfoVue™ High/Low Temp series of custom, high-duty LCD displays for applications that perform in extreme heat or extreme cold. InfoVue™ High/Low Temp LCD displays provide a number of key benefits including reliable performance in a wider range of extreme temperatures, enhanced visual display quality and significant technology cost and energy savings.

“Previously LCDs that operated in extreme cold or extreme heat required bulky built-in heaters and coolers in order to ensure performance,” explained Yasoob Ahmed, Display Technology Manager, at Lumex. “The special liquid crystal used in the InfoVue High/Low Temp series eliminates the need for coolers and allows us to use low-power heaters -- allowing our LCDs to perform in more extreme conditions. Custom InfoVue LCD displays now provide superior performance and cost savings compared to alternative off-the-shelf technologies.”

Whereas existing LCD technology performed in the -20°C to +70°C temperature range, InfoVue High/Low Temp displays provide reliable, consistent high-quality performance from -40°C to +85°C –, making Lumex LCD technology a viable solution for a growing number of extreme condition applications. The growing demand for extreme-condition LCD technology can be seen in military, freezer, gas pumps/fuel meters, non-automotive transportation, and non-climate controlled facility applications.

Custom InfoVue High/Low Temp LCD displays can provide a 50% savings in technology costs and 80% energy savings when compared to alternative technologies such as vacuum fluorescents.

InfoVue High/Low Temp LCD displays also offer significant visual performance benefits. Whereas conventional LCD displays can only provide alphanumeric displays in a limited number of segments and colors, InfoVue LCD displays provide full graphic capability and daylight visibility. When combined with LED backlighting technology, a wide range of color options are available. Users can either opt for a monochromatic screen with any color of LED backlight, or select negative image option with mono colored pixels and a black background.

InfoVue High/Low Temp LCD displays can be produced in sizes ranging from 8 x 1 character displays to 320 x 240 pixel graphic displays.

Custom production quantities of the InfoVue High/Low Temp technology are available in 12 weeks. Pricing is dependent on quantity ordered, and is approximately $1 to $80 per unit in production quantities dependent on size and quantity ordered.

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