Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lumex Launches New MicronSensIR Family of Infrared Detector and Emitter Technology

Lumex announces the global launch of the MicronSensIR™ family of infrared detector and emitter technologies. The lead selenide (PbSe) and lead sulfide (PbS) detectors are available in single element and multi-element formats and provide industry-leading sensitivity of 1.5E10 Jones across the 1 to 5.5 micron infrared spectrum.

With superior sensitivity, quality and reliability, the MicronSensIR family of infrared detector and emitter technology (download Product Brochure) is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including:
  •     medical device technology (including standard and portable gas analyzers, or devices for CO2, CO, CH4 and anesthesia measurements);
  •     environmental  (including stack, emissions and greenhouse gas monitoring as well as spectroscopy to identify/characterize multiple elements);
  •     industrial safety (including fire detection, flame monitoring , spark detection, thermal detection and process/quality control on assembly lines);
  •     underground and tunnel safety (including gas, fire and spark detection);
  •     rail safety (thermal detection for overheating wheels and breaks);
  •     automotive and aviation (emission monitoring).
“In the detection and identification of gases in the 1.0 to 5.5 ┬Ám infrared region, lead selenide and lead sulfide detectors provide unparalleled sensitivity versus cost,” says Kay Fernandez, Product Technology Manager at Lumex. “In addition to their best-in-class performance statistics, the infrared emitter and detector products are available in off-the-shelf and customizable formats with expert technical support available for system design and product integration.”

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