Sunday, January 15, 2012

Compact Flow Sensors from BEKO Technologies

Energy costs are high and set to go even higher. The beleaguered factory manager has to try to mitigate the impact of this together with all the other issues of the day that face him or her. Most companies addressed the problem that given 3 compressors 1 was just feeding the leaks in a campaign style activity...end of sadly the leaks will come back or occur in other locations for a variety of reasons such as airline contamination, lack of maintenance just to mention a couple of the many.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES decided the companies would increasingly want to measure key parameters in their compressed air or gas streams. The only way to manage is to measure is a mantra that is commonly used in businesses. Compressed air for many years was poor relations because almost everyone thought that compressed air was “free” or low cost so what was the point of investing in measuring something that didn’t impact on the efficiency and bottom line of a business. There have been solutions out there for many years to measure compressed air flow and indeed very reputable and impartial companies who would come along and measure flow using turbine flow meters and expensive technical personnel.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES launched a range of measuring devices under the family name “METPOINT” and have been successful in selling surveys and the meters to measure, dewpoint, pressure, flow and even remaining oil vapour content. Today we are pleased to announce the availability of a compact flow sensor from BEKO. The advantages of such a device are that the price point means that more locations can be monitored. The device measures flow, total consumption and velocity. This means that exact costs can be attributed to individual pipe feeds into a process. It also helps with another aspect of energy saving in that pressure drop is a result of velocities being too high and now this can be monitored again in more locations.

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