Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Satellite IF Switch IC Expands to Allow 16 Signals

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the Max12005, an 8 x 4 satellite IF switch IC that is flexible and adaptable to suit space-constrained, satellite IF distribution and multiswitch applications. Its 8 x 4 matrix is configured with an additional IF switch input so that it can expand to accept up to 16 satellite input signals.

The Max12005 supports a single, quad low-noise block (LNB) with vertical or horizontal polarisation signals that can be matrix-switched to four satellite receivers. A configuration of eight satellite IF inputs to eight satellite receivers is also possible by using two Max12005 ICs and adding eight input splitters. Signal quality is maintained even with high cable-signal losses.

Four integrated 9:1 multiplexers with variable-gain input and output amplifiers provide sufficient gain to compensate for the signal-path losses in the cable distribution and for switch insertion losses. To save space and cost, the Max12005 utilises two control methods: DiSEqC 2.0 decoding and tone/voltage decoding. These control methods enable four operational modes, which include LNB mode for use within the LNB mentioned above, cascade master mode, cascade slave mode, and single mode.

Furthermore, the four embedded DiSEqC decoders eliminate the need for external control components. The Max12005 is fully specified over the -40 to +85C extended temperature range and available in a small 7 x 7mm, lead-free, 48-pin TQFN package. Prices start at USD7.44 (GBP4.69).

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