Friday, July 09, 2010

Software Module Provides Clear Production Schedule

Gemba Solutions has released the latest expansion to its real-time production efficiency software suite with the launch of a job sequencing module. This module allows a production machine's workload to be sequenced and its performance against that workload to be monitored. Unlike traditional scheduling or planning software, this module calculates realistic job start and end times based on data relating to the demonstrated performance of the user's assets.

This gives a more accurate picture of the user's actual production schedule rather than one based on theoretical/nominal production rates. The user can pre-load the system with jobs and the software will calculate start times and dates based on actual shift availability, planned downtime and demonstrated OEE levels.

The end times that the system calculates will be compared with the due dates/times that the user has entered into the system. Any jobs that will not meet their due date will be highlighted immediately. This means users will get advanced warning of any potential to miss a deadline and will have the opportunity to re-order the jobs, contact the customer and so on, before the problem occurs.

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