Friday, July 09, 2010

Ilix Cermet Reamers Are Ideal For Dry Machining

Engineers Cutting Tools, the UK agent for Ilix, has introduced Ilix solid-carbide and cermet reamers for the machining of hard metals. The machine reamers 6372C and 6323 allow the production of high-precision holes with good surface finish. Compared with HSS, the solid-carbide qualities enable the increase of cutting parameters and tool life. The quality of the reamers is said to guarantee high performance, even for hard metals with a resistance more than 1200N/mm2.

The Ilix carbide 6372C range of hundredth reamers is from 0.98mm through to 12.05mm in increments of 0.01mm. The reamers are manufactured to a tolerance of +0.000 - +0.004mm. The cermet reamers 6323 have new cutting geometry developed by Ilix. These reamers are said to be ideal for steel machining, having high chemical stability during the cutting process. They offer good wear resistance due to the high hardness and have low material adhesion.

The Ilix cermet reamer is said to be ideal for dry machining. The results are long tool life, good surface quality and accurate hole size. The Ilix cermet reamer range 6323 starts at 3.0mm through to 20.0mm in full and half sizes.

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