Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Press Ensures Safe Operation For Assembly Company

Tox Pressotechnik has provided a press system designed to meet a series of ergonomic and safety needs, for an assembly company with handicapped employees. Vebo Werkstatt Olten eventually installed a Tox Press type CEB, consisting of a press frame of C-shape, a pneumo-hydraulic drive system, a Tox Powerpackage EKSD and a base frame. The press is equipped with a safety control, a swivelling control panel and a pedal switch, protective sheathing and a safety light grid. For universal use with most tools, the throat of the C-frame press is 200mm and the tool aperture is 200mm.

The pneumo-hydraulic Powerpackage cylinder Tox EKSD generates a maximum press force of 130kN at 6bar compressed air. The 100mm total stroke of the cylinder and the real powerstroke of 10mm ensure that the punching, forming or pressing-in/pressing position are attained at a very high speed and the press-force stroke is realised in a sensitive way. In order to limit the strokes and reduce mechanical loads, the drive cylinder is provided with total stroke setting and damping of the cutting impact.

The Powerpackage is equipped with a power bypass. The C-frame press, with its drive cylinder, is mounted on a base frame that also supports the circuitry and the control technique, as well as the protective sheathing with the safety light grille. Tox has mounted the C-frame press off-centre on the base frame so that longer piece parts (up to 500mm) can also be machined within the fully protected press area. The press control is coupled with the safety elements so that no bridging or other manipulations are possible. Usually the press is started by two-hand actuation, where both keys of the two-hand control are pressed simultaneously.

Due to the protective sheathing and the above-mentioned safety light grid, the press area is fully protected against the intervention of third parties. Tox has succeeded in realising the C-frame press system mainly from standard components taken from the Tox construction kit. Armin Bieri, department head of mechanics at Vebo Werkstatt Olten, said: 'We use the press in a flexible way for punching or separating and produce 33 different types on it of C-profiles for our customer. 'We then mount slides in the profiles and the C-profile with slide completes sun protection units and revolving shutters. 'The length of the C-profiles is from 75 to 500mm and they all can be machined within the protected press area,' he added.

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