Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IMTS 2010 To Feature CNC Control Developments

Fanuc CNC America will showcase advanced CNC control developments at IMTS 2010, along with industry solutions to meet strict automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy industry and job-shop requirements. The company, which will be found in Booth S-8919, will present the new model 30i-B Series CNC Control, the 0i-D/0i-DMate Control with newly enhanced functionality, the new 35i-B CNC Control for transfer-line machines, new five-axis volumetric error compensation and various industry solutions. The new Fanuc CNC 30i-B Series Control is an upgrade from the 30i-A Series.

The 30i-B Series offers enhanced features and functions, with advancements in operability and maintainability including a USB memory port, enhancements in the dual safety check, a new punch press and laser functionality. For advanced machining with high accuracy, the 30i-B provides advancements in high-speed five-axis capabilities, with architecture and software algorithms to reduce cycle times while improving part accuracy and quality. The machine is said to combine reliability and high-speed five-axis features for complex processes.

The 30i-B also features High Speed Smooth TCP, high-speed multi-path PMC, an enhanced tilted working plane and high-speed smoothing functions, enhanced DSPs for advanced servo control such as multi-axis control and high-speed current control and arbitrary speed threading. In addition, the 30i-B has enhanced FSSB and network performance, improved diagnostic functions for MTTR reduction and enhanced DSP for advanced servo control, according to the company. The 0i-D/0i-D Mate Control offers improved features and functionality that are claimed to be cost effective.

These include nano interpolation, Al contour II control, jerk control, a tool management function and grinding functions. The new 35i-B Control, based on the 30i-B series, is intended for transfer-line machines. Suitable for simple high-speed drilling and transfer machining, the 35i-B is equipped with a touch-screen machine operator panel and embedded Ethernet. Fanuc CNC's new five-axis volumetric error compensation increases machining accuracy by evaluating the tool location and orientation error throughout the machining volume. This is said to offer improvements over axis-only error compensation.

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