Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beko Oil-Vapour Monitor Gains TUV Certification

Beko's Metpoint OCV oil-vapour monitoring system for chemical and pharmaceutical production processes has been certified by TUV Nord in accordance with the requirements of ISO 8573-1, Classes 1 to 4. According to the company, even 'oil-free' components give no guarantee for 'oil-free' compressed air, owing to the contamination of the ambient air/intake air. In most cases, a certain residual oil content cannot be entirely avoided in standard applications.

The precise monitoring of the oil-vapour content, which is possible at any time, is important. In particular, in critical production processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in food production and surface coating, the analysis and control of compressed-air quality is a crucial factor, according to Beko. The network-compatible Metpoint OCV offers constant monitoring down to the range of a thousandth mg/m3 and features a touch-screen display and 24/7 process reliability through online measurement.

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