Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Intelatrac System Monitors Plant Workflow

Invensys Operations Management has released its updated Wonderware Intelatrac mobile workforce management and decision-support system to drive consistent best practice in plant operations. The Intelatrac 4.0 system's dynamic procedures, coupled with the open Wonderware system platform, can help companies adapt their workflow based on actual plant conditions. The updated system features new tools that extend and integrate it with important plant systems, allowing users to share data with the mobile workforce, providing better visibility into real-time plant operations and helping achieve asset and productivity excellence.

The Intelatrac 4.0 system has a new oil and gas module that provides specialty calculations for tank volumes and pressure chart conversions. It can also deliver mobile data collection and calculation capabilities to hydrocarbon accounting systems, such as Tieto Energy Components, enhancing the ability to reliably operate remote production facilities. 'Our Intelatrac 4.0 system changes the impact a mobile workforce can have on the operations of an industrial plant or facility to drive operational, asset and productivity excellence in real time,' said Jim Frider, mobile solutions product marketing manager, Invensys Operations Management.

'It enables our clients and ecosystem partners to integrate a number of systems throughout the plant with an Intelatrac mobile device, delivering tasks directly to mobile operators and making them more effective and efficient. 'These capabilities help close the information gap that many mobile systems have and deliver useful information directly to the people that need it the most,' he added. The Intelatrac system enables clients to execute predefined procedures and strategic responses under changing environmental or business conditions, resulting in a highly responsive, collaborative plant environment.

This can facilitate operational best practices by mobile workers, connecting them to enterprise asset management systems, equipment reliability systems and process historians to deliver integration and visibility into the performance of non-instrumented or stranded equipment and assets. Additionally, the Intelatrac system helps streamline health, safety and environmental compliance and is claimed to deliver rapid ROI, typically within four to six months. The Intelatrac 4.0 system also offers capabilities for operator-driven reliability, cost-effective regulatory compliance, energy management and asset responsiveness. It can also mitigate workforce turnover using its mobile on-the-job learning capabilities, all without the need for custom programming.

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