Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aptiv Film Enhances Mobile Phone Speaker Diaphragm

Zhejiang New Jialian, a manufacturer of miniature acoustic components, has selected Victrex Polymer Solutions' Aptiv film for its new mobile phone speaker diaphragm. The company, headquartered in Jiashan, China, researches, develops, manufactures and distributes communication electronic acoustic devices, such as communications speakers, receivers, buzzers and Bluetooth headsets. Zhejiang New Jialian selected Aptiv film to meet the increasing demands of the mobile phone speaker diaphragm application and to overcome various challenges in product design.

The deployment of Aptiv film is intended to improve the acoustic performance, durability and lifespan of the speakers. Compared with similar products, Victrex claims that its Aptiv film provides an improvement in processability, acoustic performance (especially in low-end response), durability, high-temperature performance at temperatures exceeding 220C (428F), chemical resistance, tear resistance and fatigue resistance.

'Using Aptiv film allows us to produce new mobile phone speakers with compact size and high power-output performance,' said Jin Yidong, vice general manager of Zhejiang New Jialian. Edmond Chu, Aptiv films manager at Victrex Asia Pacific, said: 'Aptiv films offer a broad range of thicknesses from six microns to 750 microns along with outstanding film thickness tolerances to provide consistent acoustic properties and, through standard processing techniques, it can be formed into complex shapes and unique designs. 'This critical advantage makes Aptiv film a good fit for parts and components in miniature speakers,' he added.

Aptiv film can satisfy a range of speaker diaphragm designs, including single-layer designs, multilayer designs, speciality acoustics-coated diaphragms, filled acoustic grades and diaphragms with ceramic stiffeners. The acoustic properties and the high-temperature, mechanical, fatigue and processing attributes of Aptiv films, produced from Victrex Peek polymer, are suitable for use in acoustic film applications for original equipment manufacturers, designers and processors in the manufacture of speaker systems and acoustics-related components.

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